On behalf of the tax professionals of Whisman, Giordano & Associates, LLC, I would like to congratulate you on developing an intelligent, user friendly method for analyzing the reasonable compensation for an S Corporation owner. Your Website provides us with another expert opinion and minimizes the risk to our clients and our firm. whismancpas.com

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"My firm only has three staff. We are very busy with compliance work so, I am always hesitant taking on more things. A client was audited recently so I reluctantly decided to try this out. After going through the video tutorials, we went ahead and prepared salary reports for about 1/2 of our S-Corp clients. It was easy enough for our office person to do 90% of the data collection. I highly recommend it".

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"As a rainmaker in the firm, I was naturally attracted to the idea of earning additional income during our slow time of year. I had our tax director evaluate it and she loved it. We set up an engagement to prepare reasonable compensation opinions for all of our S-Corp clients. We delegated to a Senior and she ran with it, with minimal headaches. We ended up bringing each client in for a special meeting to go over the report and provide follow up advice. Good service."

"Dave and I know each other from a CPA peer group. He is very creative, problem solver and always contributes a lot to our meetings. I am looking forward to giving this service a try after tax season."

"We ran into a few problems when we first tried out the service. We admittedly did not take the time to do the YouTube training videos or the webinar. Last month, we decided to give it a try again and was surprised by how much more intuitive the website is now even for a guy who still has an adding machine on his desk."

"I love the new Reasonable Compensation letter. The additional support in the opinion letter puts me at ease and makes sense. I am not worried about any audits now"

"They recommend a price point of at least $200. In rural Texas, I found that only about 1/2 of our clients didn't balk at that price. For some, I discounted it to $150 and still made money. I will continue using the website."