Pricing for Tax Professionals

What you charge your client

Reasonable Compensation Opinion,  Most CPAs charge their clients based on the company size, complexity and overall value.  The bottom threshold is normally about $300 per opinion but some CPAs charge well over $1,000 particularly if they review the opinion in a meeting with the client. You can invoice more or less, it is up to you. The most successful firms put aside time once or twice a year to process opinions for ALL of their corporate clients. This minimizes labor costs and allows the CPA firm to efficiently provide the service.

The Average Salary Statement.  CPA’s and other financial professionals typically choose this report when they don’t need an official opinion and when their clients are price sensitive.  They typically don’t charge the client for this report and instead consider it overhead cost in their engagement (i.e. business valuation, keyman salary, etc).

IRS Reasonable Compensation Audit Support (NEW).  CPA’s choose this service when their client is experiencing an audit and when they want support from our firm.  Usually, the CPA passes our fee on to the client and bills additionally for their normal hourly rate.

What we charge you

Reasonable Compensation Opinion.  We charge your credit card a flat fee of $85 per reasonable compensation opinion. There will be a separate charge for each opinion that we prepare. When you are ready to submit a client’s data to our office for processing, you will receive a notification that your credit card is about to be billed.

The Average Salary Statement – Free, as of September 1, 2014.

IRS Reasonable Compensation Audit Support (NEW) – Your credit card will be charged a flat fee of $688.  You will receive a reasonable compensation opinion, work papers and one hour of consulting.  If additional consulting time is required, we will invoice you outside of the website.

Return Policy

We bill your credit card upon submission of the client financial information to our office. You will receive a notification that we intend to charge your credit card and you will have the option to accept or to cancel. If you submit financial data for a client and realize afterwards that there was a mistake, you may email or call our office to make corrections. We will not charge you twice for the same set of data. Once we provide you with the completed reasonable compensation opinion, you have ten days to review it and make changes if necessary. After that time, you agree to accept the opinion as is and any requests to have funds returned will not be honored.