How It Works


Step 1. Create an Account. No Credit Card Required!

Sign up with only an email address and a password that you create. No credit card or
personal information is required! [begin using immediately]


Step 2. Watch Our Short Training Video.

We recommend that you watch the Get Started Guide video and all of the videos in our library
[takes only a few minutes]


Step 3. Fill out the Form with Your Client’s Information

Select from one of our three services: $0 Average Salary Report, $85 Reasonable Compensation Opinion (most popular), or the $688 Reasonable Compensation Audit Support. Complete our easy to use data collection form with information from your clients 1120S tax return and submit to the Reasonable Compensation CPA’s. The next day we will email you our fully warrantied and audit supported reasonable compensation opinion.

Gather and submit client data to create a new Salary Opinion Report.
[takes less than 10 minutes]


Step 4. Present Salary Opinion to Your Client.

Review the completed opinion and contact us if you have any questions. Schedule a meeting with your client to go over the reasonable compensation amount and advise them on important tax planning ideas like changes to distributions, maxing out retirement contributions, and renting back equipment.