Free, unlimited use of the “Average Salary Statement”.

Effective September 1, 2014 - enjoy free, unlimited use of the “Average Salary Statement”.


You can charge for it…Its not an official reasonable compensation opinion but, you can use this statement to help determine a fair salary for business valuation, resource planning, and for your client’s non-owner employees.  It will give you the weighted average salary for a variety of job activities (e.g. Architect that splits time between doing sales, clerical and architectural services…a proper valuation of his time requires a weighted average of the three activities).  Click here for free access.

Free Marketing Budget Template


    What’s the “All-In” cost of a marketing campaign?

    Which marketing projects have the highest ROI?

If your clients are like mine, they jump into the latest and greatest marketing idea without much planning…often too much time and money is invested with little return.  Here is a simple template to get them started down the path of using data and planning to help drive their marketing projects…

Free to download.  Click here (excel format): 

Marketing Budget with Graph

Some Consulting Opportunities for CPAs:  1. Help your clients by adding to this template and include costs such as in-house employee time per project; 2. Set up tracking correlations between marketing initiatives and changes in sales; 3. Advise on processes for computing sales projections.

Reasonable Compensation Deal

Here’s a metaphor from the book The Charisma Myth “If you don’t bring your clients into compliance, it’s as if they’re innocently paddling along a river, and you know there’s a waterfall coming, yet you do nothing to stop them from going over the waterfall, watching as they crash down on the rocks below, their bodies mangled, blood spilling through the water”.

Thats a graphic image but it helps to get across the importance of planning and being proactive with clients even if they don’t want to hear it.  For those tax professionals that want to be proactive and address the hot area of salary with clients this summer, we’re offering a promotion:

Buy 10 opinion credits and get five more for free ($340 savings).  Email or call to secure this offer by Monday 8/4/2014.  We will email you an invoice and upon receipt of payment, will send you a code for the 15 opinions as well as some suggested dates/times for training.

Start a campaign today – protect your clients while earning additional income.