We Protect You

We encourage you to offer free IRS representation to your client and increase your price accordingly. Rest assured, If your client follows our opinion and it is still audited, you can receive cash or service from our company to cover your costs. We give you protection.

Business owners and CPAs do not want to go through an expensive, time consuming IRS audit. An IRS audit is a no-win situation for a CPA. Accountants are often blamed for their client’s mistakes or lack of planning. Consider offering your client free audit protection (free representation if audited) and increase your fee for the reasonable salary opinion. It’s like insurance. Our sample engagement letters make it easy.

Providing reasonable compensation opinions can help minimize the risk of an IRS audit. Chances are that following a well thought out opinion will make the federal government happy and reduce the chance of an audit. A properly prepared opinion cannot protect against a random selected audit or spill over from a different issue being examined. Regardless of the reason for the audit, we will provide you with support. We can represent your client for you up to fifteen hours at no charge. If you prefer to handle the audit on your own, we will provide workpapers and a check for $1,000 (up from $500 effective 10/8/2014) to cover your labor costs. Please see the terms and conditions page for details and limitations.