There are many benefits in collaborating with us on a reasonable compensation opinion (our most popular service).

The Right Amount

The right salary amount for employee-owners saves tax while also making the government happy.

C-Corporation?  Employee-owner wages set too high could mean over payment of FICA tax, underpayment of corporate income tax and significant risk of an expensive IRS audit adjustment… Low wages might result in over payment of corporate income taxes.

S-Corporation?  High wages could mean your client is paying too much in FICA tax; low wages and she is in danger of an IRS audit adjustment.  Learn More…

We Protect You

We encourage you to offer free IRS representation to your client and increase your price accordingly.  Rest assured, If your client follows our opinion and it is still audited, you can receive cash or service from our company to cover your costs. We give you protection. Learn More…

Not Software, CPAs

We are a CPA firm not a software company.  Our models are regularly reviewed by experienced IRS advisors, CPAs and Human Resources professionals to insure that they are up to date with the latest and greatest.  Each opinion that we prepare for you is reviewed by a CPA for accuracy. Learn More…

Delegate to a Staff Accountant

Most partners choose to save their time and assign a junior staff person to process the firm’s salary opinions.  Our website makes it easy to gather the data.  We aide you in setting client expectations and handling questions with cut-and-paste copy and video. Learn More…

Optimize Income and Be Efficient

Don’t be afraid to charge a fair fee for the salary opinions.  On average, CPAs invoice $300 per opinion.  Be efficient and choose one or two times per year to process all of your clients at one time.  Follow up with tax planning, fringe benefit and other high value services. Learn More…

Your Data is Protected

Some CPAs are extra careful and do not want to extend client data to outside third parties.  We respect this.  Our service doesn’t require your client list or other sensitive information.  Keep things anonymous and rest assured. Learn More…

Other Services Include:

The Average Salary Statement – FREE – will give you the weighted average salary based on job responsibilities, geographic location and experience. Great product if you don’t need an official reasonable compensation opinion.

The IRS Audit Support for $688 is a great option if you or your client is being audited for reasonable compensation and you need an expert. You receive an official reasonable compensation opinion for IRS purposes, solid, easy to read work papers to back up the opinion, and one hour of consulting.

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