Offer clients

salary opinions
with certainty.

Generate quick, easy reports for clients and additional revenue for you. 

For Tax Advisors: Our accessible tool delivers defensible, high-quality reasonable compensation opinions that factor in all variables related to tax—like distributions, non-owner compensation, and bonus depreciation. All formulas are based in court cases and tax code. Each opinion is verified by an expert CPA to render the most accurate opinion possible, unlike the uncorroborated output of online salary calculators.


Our simple process takes just minutes .

Collect client data and complete the opinion request form with a few easy-to-answer questions.

Our proprietary software has a built-in salary database, so we can quickly identify the right salary for your clients.

Once the data has been input and the fields have been completed, review and submit the form for calculation at a nominal fee.

The result?

Receive a CPA-verified salary opinion of the lowest possible tax consequence to your client based on their reasonable compensation.

Grow your business. Use this as a source for additional revenue as you can prepare opinions for all of your clients each year for proper evaluations that adds efficiency and value to you and your clients.

Average Salary Statements - FREE (as of Sept 1, 2014) - This statement will give you the weighted average salary based on job responsibilities, geographic location and experience level.  Great product if you don't need an official reasonable compensation opinion.

Reasonable Compensation Opinion $85 (most popular!) - A defensible opinion for tax purposes prepared by a CPA firm specializing in this area.  Our methodology and custom software allows us to use your information to prepare an opinion efficiently thereby resulting in a low price point for this report.  You're freed up to charge for your time reviewing and servicing as you see fit.  You get an official opinion backed by $1,000 in audit protection (see terms).  Each reasonable compensation opinion is reviewed by a CPA.

IRS Audit Support for $688 - Select this option if your client is being audited for reasonable compensation and you need an expert.  You receive an official reasonable compensation opinion for IRS purposes, work papers and one hour of consulting.


Explore the Benefits and See Why it Works.

For CPAs. By CPAs.

Get trusted salary opinions for a low cost, and then mark up this differentiated service to your clients. Scale the service through campaigns where you offer a salary opinion to all of your clients. This approach can earn above-average margins / hourly rates because your staff can pick up speed with each new opinion. Some firms earn more than $1,000 per hour by embracing the campaign approach and bundling with tax planning meetings.
See pricing page for details.

Audit Guaranteed.
And if your client is audited, we’ll do the heavy work. See details here

Easy to use. Our process is simple, intuitive, efficient and secure. All information is 100% confidential.

High value and high efficiency at a low price.  Most CPAs charge at least $300 per reasonable compensation opinion. Give your clients a new salary opinion every year and establish a recurring revenue stream, scalable and time-efficient. With our team and tools, a junior level CPA or staff assistant can perform this often in under fifteen minutes.


Revenue generating opportunity

Great for the after-tax-season business and for routine consulting.

  • Diversify your services.

    By providing CPA-Prepared Salary Opinions, you add value to your business and create an easy, efficient additional source of revenue.

  • Determine the Right Amount.

    Get the best for your client by finding the right amount of FICA tax and/or corporate income tax avoid overpaying.

  • Optimize Time.

    With our model, you save time and resources. A junior level accountant or staff member can run the campaign report in under 10 minutes, plus we provide guides.

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